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I'm Rishi - a Chartered Accountant based in London currently working as a financial modeller for one of the large consultancy firms. I developed this tool to combine my genuine passions for Microsoft Excel and for helping people to be more productive in using it. It also fills what I have seen as a gap in the training needs of many of my clients and colleagues - professionals who are competent users of Excel but who require knowledge presented differently to that in the structured, detailed syllabuses of training courses. Rather, they require instant know-how of techniques to help them better perform the daily challenges of dealing with data in Excel and who don't have the luxury of time to search through discussion forums or to ask colleagues for help.





If that sounds familiar then give the Excel How-to Tool a try - it provides descriptions of techniques loaded directly within the Excel application, so you aren't taken away from what you're doing.  The content is non-trivial and almost everyone will learn several new invaluable tips from it, even of you've been using Excel for years.


My goal is that in using this tool you begin to appreciate some of the power and simplicity of the ubiquitous spreadsheet application that has empowered so many people to become better at what they do by learning how to use it more efficiently.


If you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to contact me at


Keep Excelling!



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